Saturday, May 23, 2009

The New Repulsive Republicans: Featuring Cheney's Chamber of Horrors!

Republicans now have another descriptive adjective. In the last 8 months, they've grown: stupid, arrogant, stubborn, bloviating and even weird. Now the newest: repulsive.

Yeah, repulsive. As in bloodthirsty kind of repulsive. Slimy repulsive. Yucky. Worse than "Bill the Cat" repulsive. More and more, they're looking like malicious Gremlins or the creature in Alien breathing, repulsively, on Segourney Weaver. And there are different kinds of Repulsive Republicans. For instance, there's the "we're all just torturers in arms" repulsive: several days ago, conservative commentator Lou Dobbs of CNN ran an accusatory piece on Senator Chuck Shumer running two videos, one where Shumer opposes torture and another (2004) in which he seems to be pro-torture (see below). He then asks viewers a leading question ascertaining if America approves of torture.

Crooks and Liars:
...and asks whether they would "personally employ torture to save American lives and prevent an attack on this country?" And surprise, surprise...the overwhelming answer is...YES! Looks like all that fear mongering is paying off well for you.
This is the same Lou Dobbs, you will recall, who was so enchanted by Obama Waffles during the Values Voters Summit that he bought several boxes.

Overt racism aside, the RNC is now running an ad that targets Nancy Pelosi - literally. This is the "kill them all, God will take care of his kind"* kind of repulsive:

No doubt somebody at the RNC thought it would be a clever idea, since Nancy Pelosi is feuding with the CIA, to run an ad comparing Pelosi to a James Bond villainess up against the superspy -- as in Bond's many screen-credit sequences wherein he blasts away at various villains.
The RNC is hoping that one of Palin's Rally people will take a tip from it.

And there's the "Dick Cheney's Right" kind of repulsive that even now has some "Republicans" disgusted:

Think Progress:

(McCain on Cheney's "National Security" speech):
And then he got acerbic: Cheney, he says, “believes that waterboarding doesn’t fall under the Geneva Conventions and that it’s not a form of torture. But you know, it goes back to the Spanish Inquisition.”
Of course, no definition of repulsive would be definitive if it did not include "The Boss has spoken" kind of repulsive. This would be portrayed in Rush Limbaugh's off-hand ridiculing of Ted Kennedy's cancer and lifespan (hear it below to believe it).

And lastly, there's the "we're so sanctimonious" kind of repulsive embodied by Mucho Macho Rick Santorum:

SANTORUM: The other thing we have to do is we have to stand up and say, look, America — Conservatives believe in the stewardship of patrimony. In other words, there are things in America that are really good, that work, have worked for 200 years. And we have a guy named Barack Obama who’s trying to fundamentally rewrite everything, change our economy, change our social structure, change our economy to something new.
In other words, screw women - physically and figuratively. This coming from the man who has the weirdest looking family to ever lose a campaign.

I actually feel sorry for the few Republicans who are moderates and want to achieve solutions to the nation's problems by cooperation. The new, Repulsive Republicans are bringing out the worst in liberals. I Googled "Bloodthirsty Republicans" today and there was a link to a pdf file:

Republican Conservative Christian Blood Thirsty Murderring Christian Kills 8 Stupid Republicans in Red State Hillbilly Nebraska, Loser Bush Country...(Irony: sounds more like stupid Republicans than stupid Republicans. The grammar and spelling are just as bad.)

And from Flickr, I received this gem of Walt Whitman's:

There is no week nor day nor hour when tyranny may not enter upon this country - if the people lose their confidence in themselves - and lose their roughness and spirit of defiance.- Walt Whitman

David Giambusso put it well when interpreting the best Democratic strategy:

From The General Pattern:

... Paint all Republicans with the same brush as Limbaugh–the Rush brush–and by so doing, show the American people that the GOP are a bunch of yammering gasbags who would prefer to see America go under if it means paying less taxes.

It is a bold strategy and one that is indicative of the renewed potency of Democratic politics. Many chess gambits involve forcing an opponent’s piece to the front of the field so you can pick him off. Between Emmanuel, David Axelrod and James Carville it would seem probable that they have a big pile of shit to drop on Limbaugh at just the right moment.

Stupid. Arrogant. Stubborn. Bloviating. Weird. Repulsive. The Republican Party is running out of descriptive adjectives.

*Before the Inquisition was even a gleem in Torquemada's eye, a papal legate (representative) was asked by a knight laying siege to a town with both Christians and heretics how he could tell them apart. The response went down in history as one of the most cavalier in human genocide.

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