Wednesday, May 20, 2009

For Every Other Gay Marriage, There's Mastercard!

According to Michael Steele, gay marriage will be detrimental to small business owners (??).

While he wants everyone to know that the Republican Party is the New/Old party concnetrating on fiscal responsibility (read: cut government services), Steele forgets that owning an old, termite-infested, hurricane-battered house will cost dearly in repairs. For instance:

Cost of telling Republicans they have to retool their image to include everybody: $450,000 in speaking engagements.

Cost of flip-flopping from ambiguity about gay marriage ("not going to beat people upside the head about it") then objecting to additional spouses on health care rolls: 10 million votes of fiscally conservative, socially liberal youth because of confusion.

Cost of saying something that's silly: priceless - AND a "WTF" feature on Keith Olberman's "Countdown.

Watch it:

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