Friday, April 24, 2009

Torture + Outed Florida Gov. + Salvation Army Child Molester + Masters and Johnson Fraud =

A Thoroughly Horrible, Atrocious,
Hidiously Rotten,No Good Day!

...For Right Winguts and Christofascists!

Ever had one of those days...? Well, April 23rd just didn't sit well with the Right Wingnuts (religious or otherwise). First, there was Rep. Boehner's slip of the lip: He used the dreaded T-word (gasp!):

From Crooks and Liars:

Regarding his use of the T-word, Boehner spokesman Michael Steel writes, "It is clear from the context that Boehner was simply using liberals' verbiage to describe these interrogation techniques. The United States does not torture."

Give this man a Rick Warren Cigar!

Then a movie called Outrage came out (pardon the pun) and has named names - Republican names - of closeted Republican gays.

From: Pam's House Blend:

LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Whoa, is anyone surprised at this? I haven't seen Outrage, but a lot of journalists took in a screening. The Florida governor and almost-ran wannabe McCain veep, who announced his engagement (to a woman) at a politically convenient time, would have to be at the top of any list to try to finally decloset him.

Other names: Former Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho), Rep. David Dreier (R-Calif.) and former Rep. Jim McCreary (R-La.) and Ken Mehlman, former chairman of the Republican Party. Fox anchor Shepard Smith is named, even though he is not a politician.

Today it was revealed that a Salvation Army youth pastor has been charged with child molestation:

(HT Dan Savage):
A Salvation Army youth pastor in Greenwood has been arrested on preliminary child-molestation charges involving three 15-year-old girls. Jonathan James Hartman, 29, Indianapolis, was arrested Tuesday... One of the girls told police that she is pregnant with Hartman's baby, the release stated.
I'll never look at another one of those bellringers at Christmastime in the same way again.

In the vein of "If the Bible says it's true, it is" comes a book which not only questions the dependable Masters & Johnson study, but intimates that fraud was involved:


The New York Times’ John Tierney reports on his blog today that a new book questions whether Masters & Johnson faked the conversion of gays and lesbians into happy heterosexuals. Ex-gay groups, like Exodous International, often use the Masters & Johnson study to say that the ability to turn gays into ex-gays has a scientific basis. Fail!

Then a double dose of torture angst came from Andrew Sullivan (the Atlantic):
Today the Dish learned that interrogators from both the FBI and CIA resisted torturing Zubaydah, and only did so because the White House sought to find an Iraq-Qaeda connection. Also, they used spiders. Churchill and even the Luftwaffe in wartime had higher moral standards than Cheney, whose incompetence eclipsed even his vanity.
So there you have it:
  • A Republican has to do damage control on his gaff about torture.
  • Two agencies of the federal government refused to torture but were commanded by the White House to do so.
  • A long-time "reliable source" of the ex-gay movement is given the axe.
  • A Salvation Army youth pastor is arrested for child molestation of two girls, one of whom may be pregnant with his child!
  • And a documentary "outing" Republicans creates a firestorm too formidable to be doused in the foreseeable future!
Will this "bad karma" day continue? As you're reading this, do you hear careers and ideologies crumbling? We can only hope. Now for a bit of a diversion, I found this YouTube piece about the state of today's Republican Party to be almost "inerrant." Enjoy!

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