Saturday, April 4, 2009

Holy Hannity! Notre Dame Doesn't Know What It Means To Be Catholic Today!!

Ah, maybe that's because Notre Dame is TODAY,
while the Vatican is soooo YESTERDAY!

The VERY Catholic Sean Hannity was at it again today: Obama-bashing brought on by the (by now, old news) supposed "outrage" to Obama's giving the commencement speech at Notre Dame.

He interviewed Jim Nicholson, former U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See. Hannity was overjoyed when Nicholson stated that Obama has attempted to offend Catholics at every turn - "He's done nothing but to stick it in their eye!" Then Nicholson really endeared himself to Hannity by quoting Chicago's Cardinal George in saying that Obama "has been an onslaught" to Catholicism!

Hannity agreed with Nicholson at every turn, adding "Catholicism and Christianity can be the one religion you can bash day in and day out."

Hey, Sean, the "bashed" title holder is, was and forever will be George W. Bush. Don't sell out your own kind!

The two lovers then bemoaned the Freedom of Conscience Act, pro-choice, and everything else considered against "morality."

Quite ironic: Nicholson expounded on Catholcism as if the enitre group of 70 million Catholics now hated Obama's guts because he is against Catholic doctrines. A 2007 PEW Research study on religion and pro-life issues, however, paints a different picture:
White Catholics also have inconsistent attitudes on life issues. Roughly four-in-ten take a pro-life stance on abortion (43%) and in opposing physicians being permitted to help dying patients to end their lives (42%). Just three-in-ten white Catholics (29%) say it is more important to avoid destroying the potential life of human embryos in stem cell research than to conduct research that may result in new medical cures. And about the same number (27%) oppose the death penalty.

And the real Catholic stance on birth control? Talk about differing with the pope on docrine! The following statement by a Chicago Tribune journalist is most aptly written:

Chicago Tribune, William Daley:
Beyond the specific case of the Notre Dame commencement, Cardinal George's position continues a worrisome pattern in which the Catholic hierarchy in America is mixing religion with politics. It has seemingly lost sight of the difference between a moral nation and a religious one.

Nicholson let something slip, however: Obama "...created a lot of excitement being the first African American to become president."

Yes, I'm thinking that. I was raised VERY Catholic myself - just outside of Chicago - in the 1950s and 60s. I'm ashamed to say that being Catholic was synonymous with being racist: whenever suburban parish pastors preached "tolerance" or "diversity" their parish donations suffered. So they stopped.

Maybe Notre Dame's invitation to Obama has something to do with THAT bit of morality.

Just a thought.

PS: before you view the video below, you might want to see the spin Cenc Uygur of The Young Turks has on it.

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