Friday, April 17, 2009

A Call For Obama's Waterboarding: Tea Party or Palin Rally?

Bashobama At It's Best! (Or Worst?)!

From Think

Tea party organizers and participants have repeatedly insisted that their nationwide protests today are completely non-partisan and not meant to be anti-Obama. However, there didn’t seem to be any anti-Republican or anti-Bush signs at the protests. Instead, not only were there signs/clothing protest Obama’s policies, but some had violent or racist rhetoric. One participant even asked Joe the Plumber about waterboarding Obama!
Watch it (below)

One participant had a deprecatory sign "Homey don't do dat!" Showing how low Fox News has gone with it, Media Matters counted the ne'er-do-well's coverage of the tea parties:

From Think Progress:
...between April 6 and April 13; it aired at least 73 in-show and commercial promotions for the parties as well. Of all the Fox programs, Neil Cavuto’s “Your World” dedicated the most time to the tea parties.
Second runner-up was Sean Hannity with 2 segments, 10 in-show promotions and 3 commercials. Way to go Sean! Bet you got a kick out of the waterboarding comment too!

"Tea parties" have shown us the poor, poorer and poorest of our society in terms of open-mindedness. Fox News has shown us that they'll cater to those bigoted minds as much as possible.

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