Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Bashobama Machine: Getting Screwed 24/7

Is it just me? Is it because of what I read? Who I read? Nobody will believe it, but I actually try to see both sides of each equation. I know, this blog sticks it to the Christian Right and Right Wingnuts, so I look like I'm on one side throwing rocks at people who are also throwing rocks at me. Yeah, it's war.

But doesn't it look like Christofascists (excuse me, but "social conservatives" is neither accurate nor appropriate) were prepared before last year's election to automatically despise Barack Obama for whatever reason they could muster up? Well before the I-hope-he-fails-Limbaugh affair, people were sharpening their claws with glee!

They all seemed ravenous for a kill. Maybe in the wake of Bush's presidency of "preemptiveness" they couldn't shake off the feeling that there was an enemy out there waiting to be killed.

Kill or be killed.

Did I have the same feelings eight years ago? I was resigned to a presidency of pointless and stupid attempts at being a "compassionate conservative", but I didn't come close to any form of maniacal hatred (that took time!). And what of 9/11? If it happened today would these political tigers and jackals give Obama a break? Liberals supported Bush in his handling of it. The conspiracy theories didn't happen until the 9/11 Commission wanted to ask Bush some questions and he refused, then relented with strange conditions. And when Bush declared himself a "uniter," there were at least some liberals struggling to give him the benefit of a doubt.

To the left is a perpetual motion machine. It deals in the laws of physics and geometry. Does it do anything? Yes. It operates an Archimedes Screw. At the top of this post is a composite picture of another kind of machine: an Bashobama Machine. All but four are in the media. This machine is not only tireless, it never gets any sleep or rest. It keeps screwing Barack Obama, our 44th President 24/7.

I think it was a pact of sorts: "no matter what this man accomplishes, we MUST bring him down!" It's evident in Sean Hannity's constant character assasination, in Ann Coulter's attacks on Michelle Obama, in Michele Bachmann's senseless rantings about Second Amendment Rights. And, yes, in Rush Limbaugh's logic that anything Barack Obama thinks or does is bad for America.

They seem to have never left a Palin rally.

They (and not, as some think, fringe hate groups) are responsible for Obama's tight security. They mock his use of teleprompters, oblivious to the fact that we had a President whom some suspected could not read at all (especially not his PDBs). We now have a president who chooses his words very carefully, but when a slip occurs, they land on it like a duck on a June bug.

We now have a president who is preparing the United States in dealing with global issues on equitable terms with other countries instead of looking at them with a sort of benign contempt coupled with a feeling of superiority. We may have a true statesman and diplomat as a president. He seems to have the transparency we need to function as a democratic nation. But to the people who comprise the "Bashobama Machine," he is a socialist to be feared and held in contempt.

Hannity, Coulter, Limbaugh, Murdoch, O'Reilly, Rove, Cheney, Beck, Bachmann. To name a few. A machine. Of perpetual motion. Programmed only for destruction.

Just a thought.

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