Thursday, March 12, 2009

Texas Is Sinking!

Into A Quagmire of Delusions and Stupidity
The Texas House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on a resolution this week that honors former President George W. Bush. “The Bush administration met numerous foreign policy challenges, while also making constructive progress in relations with India and sustaining a solid relationship with China,” the resolution reads, according to the Austin Statesman. It adds that Bush “lived each day with the safety and prosperity of his fellow citizens foremost in his mind; he took a principled stance on a wide range of issues of great importance to every American, and his tireless efforts will not soon be forgotten.”

Texas has clearly lost its collective mind. "Met numerous foreign policy challenges." Bush didn't HAVE a foreign policy, unless you count his cowboy diplomacy of "shoot first."

Here was a man who didn't know a thing about any country he visited let alone the ones he invaded.

Here was a man who achieved the lowest approval ratings of any President in our history.

Here was a man who ignored the public right up until the ignominious end and the label of "worst president ever."

Here was a man who ran the country from behind closed doors.

Here was a man who had a sterling record for, well, God knows what.

So Texas honors him and strews rose petals in his path.

Don't expect great things to come out of Texas. A state this delusional cannot hope to produce a statesman for quite some time.

Not in our lifetime, anyway.

Just a thought.

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