Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is George Bush Coaching Michael Steele?

Maybe, Maybe Not - He's Very Busy Writing His "Book" While Learning His ABC's At The Same Time!

Today, Michael Steele gave evidence to the fact that he doesn't know much about the Constitution:

(HT: Think Progress)
This morning, RNC Chairman Michael Steele came out of isolation and guest-hosted Bill Bennett’s Morning in America. During the program, a caller asked Steele about the constitutionality of the 90 percent bonus tax passed by the House yesterday. The caller said that he believed that the tax was unconstitutional because “the first amendment…specifically states that a law cannot be passed to specifically target a person or a group of people.”
And Steele said: "Right!"

CALLER: And we’ve got a president who is supposedly a constitutional scholar.

STEELE: Right. Right.

Even non-scholars of just about any discipline would tell you that the First Amendment is not about targeting specific people:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

By now, we know that Michael Steele beats Joe Biden for gaffes. It seems impossible that The Republican National Committe could not have known about this man's past faux pas. Then again, Sarah Palin... Steele's gaffes seem almost staged. Could he...? Nah. Bush is too busy writing his book "Connect The Dots" no wait, it's something about his being The Decider:
President Bush has signed a book deal with Crown to publish his memoir, tentatively titled “Decision Points.” The deal is worth a reported $7 million — a hefty sum, but it pales in comparison to the rumored $11 million Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) might fetch.
Other sums for memoirs:
Bill Clinton - $12 million Hillary Clinton - $8 million Tony Blair - $9 million

Late last year, some publishers were suggesting that Bush hold off writing a book, because of his dramatically low approval ratings. “[G]iven how the public feels about him right now, I think patience would probably be something that I would encourage,” Paul Bogaards, executive director of publicity for Alfred A. Knopf, said.

But let's be honest: Bush can't really afford to wait fifty years. By that time, the $7 million will be worthless.

Most of the comments on the blogosphere haven't been so much about Bush as they have been wondering just who is going to get the odious task of writing it, editing it, and changing history books so that the Katrina disaster will only get a paragraph ("It was fun seeing all that water from a plane.") while other issues will get...nothing. (Read Our previous post about his Presidential Library's Website). It will be interesting to see if the "ghost" will slip in words that George doesn't know, like Afghanistan, Iraq, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, torture, diplomacy, accountability.

BTW: Does anyone know that George W. Bush actually HAS BOOKS WITH HIS NAME GIVEN AS AUTHOR?

We Will Prevail: President George W. Bush on War, Terrorism and Freedom
George W. Bush on God and Country: The President Speaks Out About Faith, Principle, and Patriotism

A Charge to Keep

You can get the last two for ONE PENNY each. We Will Prevail will cost you much more: 47 cents. Other books favoring George Bush that you can get for ONE PENNY:

Rebel-in-Chief: Inside the Bold and Controversial Presidency of George W. Bush by Fred Barnes
A Matter of Character: Inside the White House of George W. Bush by Ronald Kessler
The Right Man: An Inside Account of the Bush White House by David Frum
A Man of Faith: The Spiritual Journey of George W. Bush by David Aikman

But cheer up, George, the book will make money. You're so solid with the State of Texas (except Arlington, of course) just think how many Texans will read it gunpoint.

Other cheap and interesting George W. Bush books:

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