Monday, March 9, 2009

Family Research Council Denounces Obama as "Perverted"!!

Or at least his "science" is perverted.
Or his policies.
Or his blackberry.
Or his smile.

Hey, when I'm right, I'm right. (applause) Thank you. Thank you. (Like anyone is listening!). I nailed it in my last piece: the first and foremost to scream about the reversal of Bush's stem cell policies was Family Research Council. Vehement and illogical, FRC's rant is pure Tony Perkins, grammatical errors, nonsensical title and all (remember Pelosi's visit to Syria billed as "She can't Be Syria-ous!"?) Tony Perkins starts his attack with the much-told and distorted story about President Obama and his requesting the removal of Churchill's bust from the Oval Office. On loan from Britain to George Bush (after 9/11), the loan was extended to Obama, but he respectfully declined.

...declined, shipping the bust back to England--and with it, the reminder of Churchill's great wisdom. It was he who warned that if evil prevails "all that we have known and cared for will sink into a new Dark Age, made more the lights of perverted science."
Strange, I searched the net for that quote and could not find it. It also seems logical that if Churchill said it/wrote it, he was probably referring to Hitler, eugenics and Mengele's experiments on Jews in the concentration camps. Such deep thoughts, however, get Tony's grammar a bit mixed up: was the "reminder" shipped back with it? Sounds picky of me, but Perkins' unfortunate mangling of language and reason kind of gets to me. So is Obama evil or "perverted" or both? Another note: Obama did NOT ship the bust "back to England." The British Embassy took it back and that is where it resides today.

So where did Tony get the idea that Obama hated it and shipped it back to England? Guess. Take a wild guess. Yeah, Limbow-wow had a hand in it. Not to be left out, Limbow-wow wannabe Glen Beck chimed in with his whole two cents worth (or less):
So here you have Barack Obama going in and spending the money on embryonic stem cell research, and then some, fundamentally changing – remember, those great progressive doctors are the ones who brought us Eugenics. It was the progressive movement and it science. Let’s put science truly in her place. If evolution is right, why don’t we just help out evolution? That was the idea. And sane people agreed with it!
...The stuff that we are facing is absolutely frightening. So I guess I have to put my name on yes, I hope Barack Obama fails. But I just want his policies to fail; I want America to wake up.
Correct me, please: is Beck's reasoning sound in any way? Is Perkins' sound? Here we're going from a bust of Churchill to "perverted science" to spending money on stem cell research to eugenics to putting "science in her place" and on to (of course) evolution. Somehow all of these things rolled up equal wanting Obama's policies to fail. Of course, if you're going to hate science, I suppose you should throw in that terrible demon, Aristotelian rhetoric aka reason.

The following is a video in Oct., 2006 just after Limbow-wow mocked Michael J. Fox about his stem-cell commercial. The statement is clearly made by "Reluctant redneck": Limbow-wow is a bully.

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