Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Face of the Right: Now THAT'S Entertainment!

Hey, Gang! The Circus Is In Town!
And With Lot's of Ring Leaders!

Rahm Emmanuel on Face The Nation:
He's asked for President Obama and called for President Obama to fail. That's his view. And that's what he has enunciated. And whenever a Republican criticizes him, they have to run back and apologize to him and say they were misunderstood. He is the voice and the intellectual force and energy behind the Republican Party.
Rahm Emmanuel is politically astute, so let's hope that he's right. If the Republican Party can bow down to a demagogue like Limbow-wow it is indeed in bad shape. An intellectual force? Perhaps a trifle above George Bush. Energy? Fueled by arrogance and disdain. Tony Perkins of FRC is even doing kow-tow:
If 20 million people are tuning in to Rush Limbaugh every day, then obviously he has something significant to say. Instead of attacking the voices that resonate most with grassroots America, Republican leaders would be wise to listen to them. Otherwise, a party on the verge of irrelevance will find itself on the brink of extinction.
President Obama may have inadvertently started a war with the rotund Rottweiler but he would be wise to ignore the ravings of Limbow-wow. He should rise above it all and allow Limbow-wow to rant himself into insanity. When megalomania hits, it hits hard. Few Republicans like standard-bearers to begin with. Someone will eventually take down the barking dog and replace it with something more in tune with what the conservative public want. This self-proclaimed acolyte of William F. Buckley isn't it. His lies and distortions will come to haunt him.

Just a thought.

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