Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So Which State of the U.S. Does God Love The Most? Which One Does God Frown Upon?

Just how do you measure the holiness of a state? The one with the most crucifixes in windows? The most square footage of stained glass? The one with the most Our Fathers said in a single day? Not any of these, but if holiness came in quantity of any sort, it would be what people said about themselves and their beliefs.

O.K., if holiness can be quantified on what people say, Gallup has the latest on "holy" states and one that are sliding into the abyss of brimstone. The simple question was "Is religion an important part of your daily life?" Seems rather vague, but in this country, people tend to think about Christian churches, going to churches, praying Christian prayers, etc.

So let's look at each state's "holiness rating," shall we?
(Courtesy U.S.A. Today)

Mississippi: 85%
Alabama: 82%
South Carolina: 80%
Tennessee: 79%
Louisiana: 78%
Arkansas: 78%
Georgia: 76%
North Carolina: 76%
Oklahoma: 75%
Kentucky: 74%
Texas: 74%
West Virginia: 71%
Kansas: 70%
Utah: 69%
Missouri: 68%

Virginia: 68%
South Dakota: 68%
North Dakota: 68%
Indiana: 68%
Nebraska: 67%
New Mexico: 66%
Pennsylvania: 65%
Florida: 65%
Maryland: 65%
Ohio: 65%
Iowa: 64%
Minnesota: 64%
Illinois: 64%
Michigan: 64%
Delaware: 61%

Wisconsin: 61%
District of Columbia: 61%
Idaho: 61%
Arizona: 61%
New Jersey: 60%
Wyoming: 58%
Colorado: 57%
Hawaii: 57%
California: 57%
Montana: 56%
New York: 56%
Connecticut: 55%
Nevada: 54%
Rhode Island: 53%
Oregon: 53%

Washington: 52%
Alaska: 51%
Massachusetts: 48%
Maine: 48%
New Hampshire: 46%
Vermont: 42%

Hmmm. So California's not quite as Godless as Ann Coulter(geist) thought! And despite Ben & Jerry's ice cream and largesse to charities, it didn't seem to make the grade. Sarah Palin's gonna be pissed that Alaska ranked so low. Gottsa get Rev. Thomas Muthee there in a hurry to hunt down all the witches!


Larry Gambone said...

Now suppose someone was to do a poll on CHRISTIAN PRACTICE, rather than formalities what do you think the results would be? The Christian practices of Christ such as compassion, refusal to be judgmental, opposition to war and violence, respect for the poor etc. I bet Vermont would be right on the top and ol' Miss right on the bottom.

DFV said...

You're probably right, Larry. And if they did a test on knowledge of Christianity (history, the Bible, dogma)over 98% of "Christians" would flunk completely! Most Christians cannot name the Ten Commandments without help!