Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The ONLY Reason For Keeping Gitmo Open: Housing The Phelps Clan!

Oh Come On! Do You REALLY Want Those Idiots To Represent YOU In Any Way?

OMG! First Rush Limbaugh floats a bogus blast about a bust of Winston Churchill, then Brit-0file wannabe Eric Cantor (Rep., Va) thinks he can channel Churchill (thus offending the British even more), now the ultimate in humiliation: the Westboro Baptist Church has announced that they plan to picket a performance of The Laramie Project at Queen Mary's College in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England.
Details of the church's first picket in Britain was posted on their website with the slogan "God Hates England; Your Queen Is A W----".
Hurray for the Britons!

From the Weekly Telegraph:

Maria Miller, Conservative MP for Basingstoke, said that she had contacted the Home Secretary to see what action the Government may be considering in relation to possible attempts by the Phelps family to enter the country.

She condemned the church's "highly inflammatory language and behaviour" and said the young people who had worked on the play would not be intimidated by threats.

"The most important thing is that a production that is trying to promote tolerance goes ahead and that's what I'm focusing on achieving," she said.

Phelps and his clan probably hate Elizabeth II and her subjects simply because they have more class and dignity than his beknighted group could ever scrounge up.

Toss up: should the U.S. refrain from honoring the passports of the Phelps family and detain them for terrorist acts (one reason to hold Gitmo open for a while) OR should we let them go, then refuse to let them back in? (again, for being terrorists and THEN send them to Gitmo if Britain INSISTS on sending them back!).

Two of his many (13) children/minions/slaves/adoring followers broke away from Phelps and his sect. Mark and Nate stated that they suffered from severe abuse as children and that Phelps had a serious god complex

. From wikipedia:
The children's claim is partially backed up by B.H. McAllister, the Baptist minister who ordained Phelps. McAllister said in a 1993 interview that Phelps developed a delusion wherein he was one of the few people on Earth worthy of God's grace and that everyone else in the world was going to Hell, and that salvation or damnation could be directly obtained by either aligning with or opposing Phelps.
Phelps' appearance and protest could ruin decades of diplomacy with Great Britain (just as George Bush did with every other country).


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