Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Even Christofascists Hate Coulter!

Dumb and Dumber - Which Is Which?

This is one for the books: Ann Coulter hates Mike Huckabee and Mike Huckabee hates her back! While on his Fox show Huckabee took Coulter to task about the things she's said about him:

"He's a stupid Christian, he's easily led," she said of Huckabee in December 2007. In another clip, she complained, "I don't think he's very bright. That's why they like him. He's their version of an evangelical. They'd like him better if he still weighed 600 pounds. That would be perfect."

Yes, Ann, Huckabee IS stupid. Christofascism is stupid. As a Christofascist yourself would know that. You're an Elmer Gantry and Huckabee is an Elmer Fudd trying to be a Gantry. However, you called some of your own readers/supporters stupid. That is VERY stupid. And about the 600 lb joke, Ann: Huckabee's gaining it back.

You should have waited a while.

Just a thought.

NOTICE: Ann Coulter - every time - wearing a short, tight skirt and a long, tighter face.

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