Monday, December 1, 2008

AIDS: Creating Sinners The Christofascist Way

Do Some People NEED Sin?

While some people look upon the needs of survival in our world as the usual food, shelter, clothing, air, water, etc., some people have different needs beyond those basics. Some people NEED sin. Specifically, they need sin to castigate, to feel righteous, to scapegoat. If the world were blameless (hence, sinless), these people would invent accusations. After all, what's the point of being in an exclusive club when everyone is in the club? Throughout history there have been various sins created by man: outcasts (lepers), non-believers (pagans and heathens), misfits (gays and criminals) and the sin of being born (Original Sin, created by one Augustine of Hippo).

In another post, I called AIDS the new Black Death for America's Christianity.

Sin: some people do it, while others need them to do it.

Just a thought.

"You're all sinners!"

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