Saturday, September 20, 2008

You Mean Michael Savage Won't Be Appearing With Tony Perkins?

Every Other Self-Righteous Bigot Is!

Michael Savage is America's premier hate speech talk show host, so it came as a surprise that he originates out of KNEW instead of KSFO (both in San Francisco). The lineup at KSFO includes "Dr." Laura, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. I was doing research on the California Proposition 8 (ban against same sex marriage), when I noticed that KSFO was mentioned in an ad by Family Research Council. Here it is:

Join Tony Perkins for the Values Advocacy Council Action's "Stand for Marriage" Rally on Sunday, September 28 from 5:30 - 7:30 PM. Keynote speakers include:

  • Tony Perkins - President of Family Research Council
  • Hon. Louie Gohmert, U.S. House of Representatives, Texas
  • Ron Prentice, California Family Council
  • Brian Sussman, KSFO Radio

Plus they will have other National, State and Local Christian Leaders. The Rally will be held at:

Church on the Hill
500 Sands Drive
San Jose, CA 95125

I wonder if FRC can stand to be within spitting distance of the sordid, sin city of San Francisco. Idea: besides KSFO, there should be more representation of San Francisco in the form of protesters. What if we got together with our own local Christian Leaders, legislators and media to (quietly, in a more genteel fashion) to tell them that the San Francisco Bay Area is NOT a place for homophobes and bigots. (Also: notice that they have a congressman from TEXAS and not California - figures!)

A counter-rally would be certain to garner the media attention FRC craves.

Oh! Is Rush going to be there? I hope so!

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