Thursday, September 4, 2008


But There Are, Blanche, There Are!

I just saw this piece in Think Progress:

Virginia official cancels order for Twin Cities guidebooks because of section on gay nightlife.

“A campaign official for the Virginia Lieutenant Governor [Bill Bolling] canceled an order for 150 guidebooks to entertainment in Minneapolis-St. Paul after discovering they included a 6-8 page section for gay and lesbian nightclubs,” the Blotter reports. An aide to Bolling wrote in an e-mail to the guidebook’s publisher that such a section would be a “BIG problem.” “We simply can’t hand them out,” the aide added.

Dear guidebook publisher: you should donate 150 copies of your book for a good cause: place them outside the convention center with a sign saying "If you're not homophobic, pick up this guide to Minneapolis. It's FREE!" Then see how many people DO pick it up. Have someone posted near the area (he could be truly evil and have a camera) to guard the books (someone might try to trash all of them).

Look up Bill Bolling and you'll find out that he's only covering his ass: he's got aspirations and is very, very careful about everything that passes through him. He's also president of an insurance agency he needs to protect.

Some days, it's rather difficult being a politician. You have to give up your moral values so many times!

Just a thought.

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