Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Letterman - 10, McCain - 0

The Way The Media Sees It

Sorry, John!
You Just Don't Treat David Letterman Like That!

Only one day after Vice-Presidential Republican nominee Sarah Palin attempts to snub the press BIG TIME, McCain does this to Dave Letterman (our thanks to Think Progress):

As part of his plan to suspend his campaign activities, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) today decided to cancel his appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. McCain’s campaign reportedly told Letterman that the senator was “racing back to Washington.” That, however, didn’t happen. In his show to air tonight, Letterman shows footage of McCain sitting down with CBS’s Katie Couric for an interview at the same time he was supposed to be on his show. You can watch Letterman's response below. Someone called it "an hour of ridicule boiled down to nine minutes."

I was in broadcasting for about 5 years (my own radio show). I had "no-shows" by some famous people (Peter Fonda was one). They knew that they would NEVER be asked to be on the show again. The McCain Campaign manager, Rick Davis (of Fannie-Freddie fame) knows how serious this situation is. It's something YOU JUST DON'T DO! Dave Letterman stated that "you know, there's something that's not right in that campaign. This isn't the John McCain I know."

McCain will obviously come up with some sort of excuse and Letterman, as a gentleman, will accept it and have him on later.

Letterman tried not to show how livid he was, but when he stated his views on McCain's decision to suspend the campaign, he repeatedly said "You don't quit! You just don't quit!"

The entire McCain-Palin campaign is now anathema to the press and media, except Fox... maybe. If they lose Fox and Rupert Murdoch, you won't see or hear from McCain or Palin until it's all over!

Dave Letterman, at the last minute (literally) was able to have Keith Olberman on the program. They both watched the Couric segment together. Yeah!

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