Friday, September 26, 2008

But Will They Turn Them Gay?

When it comes to kids with special needs....

(New York City) A study released Thursday by a non-partisan adoption group says that states need to tap into the gay and lesbian community to reduce the number of children up for adoption.

There are about 129,000 children waiting to be adopted, the New York-based Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute said in the report.

Many of these children are older and have special physical, mental health, and developmental challenges.

In other words, these poor kids are deemed "unadoptable." The Evan Donaldson Adoption Institute goes on to say that it found gay and lesbian adults to be “very willing to adopt children with special needs and, as a demographic group, may be more willing to do so than heterosexual adults.”

Yes, they're willing to take the children other people don't want.

The little guy to the left was adopted by a gay couple. Does he look like he cares?

Orphans have suffered discrimination for centuries. Some years ago, many children's birth certificates were stamped ILLEGITIMATE. Good "Christian" people insisted upon the policy. The orphanage I was born in was labeled an "Infant Asylum" - the largest Catholic orphanage in Chicago. The orphanage was also very careful in "matching" me up with my parents so that no one outside the family could tell I was "adopted" "unwanted" "illegitimate." There is a bill floating in England's House of Lords that would make sperm-donor children identifiable through their birth certificates ("so that these poor children KNOW how they were conceived!!")

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