Thursday, August 21, 2008

"You're a Bush!" - The "W" Trailer Makes Bush's Life Look Wasted and Irrelevant

Which It Is.

Oh, well. I guess it's SOME form of "legacy."

Josh Brolin: "This is NOT a political movie! It's a biography!"

But it looks like a made-for-TV comedy special, especially when you see who's cast in it. Com'on, Richard Dreyfus as Dick Cheney? Ellen Burstyn as Barbara Bush? And Josh Brolin as a party-hearty young (and middle-aged) George Bush?

(Red State Update)

"Who's Josh Brolin?"
"He's Barbra Streisand's stepson."
But seriously, it takes balls for someone to make a movie about a bumbling idiot of a president - while he's still alive. Remember my phrase: "Fudd's the one with the gun." Oliver Stone might think he's Bugs Bunny having a rollicking good time at GWB's (Fudd's) expense, but if McSame becomes President, Oliver might realize that Bushes have thorns.

Even the ads for the trailer are ruinously funny. Read (if you can) the "teaser" poster for the trailer, then watch the trailer.

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