Saturday, August 9, 2008

The War on Tabloid Trash Escalates!

It's One Thing To Read Them,
But Another Thing to Actually Believe Them!

My favorite tabloid headline:

Bigfoot's Baby Found Abandoned On The Grounds Of Neverland Ranch!

Yes, I bought it just for the endless amusement it would engender, but today I saw another one of those "Brave Last Days" headline (this one about Annette Funicello) and became angry: what kind of person photographs someone against their will and in terrible circumstances and sells it to a weekly publication? And what kind of publication would print it?

Years ago, comedienne Carol Burnett sued The National Enquirer for falsely stating that she was drunk at a particular party. She won the suit and donated the damages to charity. That's class. Burnett took a stand and, to my knowledge, was never mentioned in The National Enquirer again.

Today, Elizabeth Edwards also took a stand against the tabloids. Again, the offending tabloid was The National Enquirer. Implying that her husband John Edwards could be having an affair would be one thing, but publishing blurry photographs and stating that he fathered a "love child" without actual evidence is another.
If possible, I wish that a fund would be collected to help Elizabeth Edwards sue The National Enquirer - and ruin them in the process.

Yes, that's a completely bad-assed tone coming from me, but I can no longer stand in line at the supermarket and see those ridiculous headlines. All I can think of is that the people who purchase them and believe them in any way don't have lives of their own to live.

I know
, paparazzi and second-rate editors have to eat. I just wish they didn't have to do it based on the misery of celebrities. Remember who led Princess Diana to her death. Just a thought.

They are BOTH tabloid victims!


Anonymous said...

I agree. I ran Annette's fan club for 28 years and she's a very special lady, a joy to work with. I'm sure she'd be devastated if she read any of this tripe. Yes, she is in bad shape and has had no remission for 20 years, but to show her in that condition is abhorrent. She was always so well-groomed, in private as well as public. This is a travesty.

DFV said...

The worst I've ever seen is a hospital photo of Bob Hope covering 3/4 of the front page - just a head shot. It was, of course, another "brave last days" shot where you could see that he really was 100 years old! There is no way he could have known or approved of the photograph. I really think someone should take a stance (probably in court) and fight for the right of everyone to reserve the right to refuse a photograph or photographer, even the paparazzi!