Sunday, August 3, 2008

To Martin Sheen The Courageous Hottie!

Happy Birthday, Martin Sheen!

You've gotten awards for you're superlative acting, but very little for your humanity and courageous spirit. While people will always remember you for The West Wing, I will always remember you for That Certain Summer. Playing the part of a gay man in a committed relationship back in 1972 (before I came out of the closet!) took courage. You were probably the first actor to prove that a role like that wouldn't hurt your career. Let's hope that Heath Ledger isn't the last.

Of, course it helped that you were very cute at the time - and still are.

And we still wish Josiah Bartlett were President.

Religious Right-Wing Take Note:

Josiah Bartlett was a real person. According to wikipedia (he's not listed in Bartlett was an American physician and statesman who, as a delegate to the Continental Congress for New Hampshire, signed the Declaration of Independence. He was later Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Superior Court of Judicature and Governor of the state.

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Barbara said...

Well, I'm Republican w/the "religious right". I've had the PRIVILEGE to meet Martin, & talk w/him several days, I can only say: He IS AWESOME. The word was invented to describe him. As you say, he IS THE MOST Courageous Hottie there is!!!! I hope he had a GREAT B-Day, has MANY more to come. ^..^