Thursday, August 28, 2008

Meanwhile, At The American Legion Convention...

Cheney: His secret is that he has more secrets than we can imagine!

Cheney Stumps For McCain
Without Stumping For McCain

Got that? Actually, Cheney is quite true to form in his enactment of Tricky Dick Redux. From

I realize the Annual Convention of the American Legion is not a political event, and I will not speak this morning about the presidential campaign.

Moments later, he said:

President Bush stood firm, along with a number of notably courageous members of Congress, some of them from Arizona. They knew a surge of operations was our big chance to get things right.

Secrecy. Deals. Lack of diplomacy. 144 days left.
They can still do a lot of damage. (Like the photo below)

Evidence of Dick Cheney's Arrival on Earth!

Thanks to Flickr and "Tony the Misfit." for this marvelous photo and caption.
I couldn't have labeled it better myself!

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