Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aug. 6th: Today is Pregnant With Meanings That Bush Won't Get!

Well, at least when he was in Korea this time, he took off the lens caps so he could see something!

I love it when a date has several different events that are so laden with meaning for our beloved administration or Christofascists! And lord, is Aug. 6th ever one of those days!
The same day in the calendar that Bush travels on a Far-East pilgrimage for a better legacy, some very notable things happened:

1890: Murderer William Kemmler becomes the first person to be executed by electric chair.

1945: Hiroshima (no explanation needed)

2001: Bush reads - and almost immediately dismisses - the Presidential Daily Briefing (PDB) headlined: Osama Bin Laden Set To Strike in the U.S.

His visit to Seoul, South Korea, couldn't have timed it better: several days ago, the declassification of documents give light to the fact that refugees fleeing from the onslaught of North Korean military were killed because the Army could not be certain if some of them were infiltrators. (see post below). The refugees were napalmed and strafed without any regard to gender or age. There are 215 suits against the United States (not individuals, but whole towns and villages) that are asking for reparation. The size of the massacre makes My Lai look positively minuscule! We're talking about the willful civilian massacre of thousands of people by the U.S. military as one of it's first acts of the Korean War.

So here is OUR President, who, as governor of Texas held the record for most
executions under any governor of any state in the nation. Here is the OUR President who, in representing us, stands for the bad as well as the good: the only country to actually use nuclear weapons against military and civilians of another country. Here is OUR President who wants to go to war with a country because he believes they MIGHT use nuclear weapons. Here is OUR President who disregards an important report because he cannot imagine anyone attempting to attack us on a large scale.

There were , of course, Korean protesters upon Bush's arrival. The press downplayed their numbers (up to 20,000) and, of course, Bush took absolutely no notice whatsoever:

Bush visit highlights divide in South Korea

SEOUL: President George W. Bush's trip to Seoul sharpened a political divide in South Korea on Tuesday: Middle-aged Christians and aging veterans in military uniforms prayed and waved U.S. flags welcoming the American leader, while young South Koreans battled riot police officers in downtown Seoul, shouting "Bush out!"

The police fired water cannons to stop the anti-Bush protesters from marching on President Lee Myung Bak's office. The demonstrators hurled bottles and garbage during sporadic, small-scale scuffles with the police. Officers detained dozens of protesters.

Beware of Aug. 6ths: they may come back to haunt you!

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