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"We Cannot Afford a San Francisco Military!"

Actually, We Can't Afford a Christofascist Military!

July 26, 1948 – Harry Truman signs Executive Order 9981,
integrating the Armed Forces

1948. Twenty years before the Civil Rights Act was passed! Would that today's administration had the guts and foresight to do the same with gays in the military. Of course, they won't if Christofascists have their say. They got their two cents into the Don't Ask Don't Tell debate on Capital Hill this week. A lot of their prejudices came out in the form of Ms. Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness.

A close look at this 501(c)3 shows that it's VERY judgmental and partisan in its views, not only on gays in the military, but feminism as well:

Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness says that although certain feminists would not admit it publicly, “they’re probably quite fond” of the photo showing the Iraqi prisoner being held on a leash by a female soldier. According to the right-wing, Donnelly argues that’s “because it is demeaning to a man -- any man.” Expounding further, Donnelly says such feminists are “the ones who like to buy man-hating greeting cards and have this kind of attitude that all men abused all women.

It sounds like something Pat Robertson would love to preside over:

(July 13 - Concerning the upcoming battle with Washington)

Donnelly and Sgt. Maj. Jones will expose the extent of real damage that will be done to the culture of our military if these groups are allowed to win. We cannot stand by and allow the full force of mandatory social engineering to be imposed on our men and women in uniform.

CMR has the facts, sound principle and common sense on its side, but faces large, well-funded activist groups that are devoted to one radical goal: repeal of the 1993 law, which is constantly mislabeled "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

This piece is from their statement of support for military policies:

  • The armed forces should not be used for political purposes or social experiments that needlessly elevate risks, detract from readiness, or degrade American cultural values.

  • Here are some past articles. The titles alone give you an idea how right ring (excuse me, bi-partisan) they are:

    Obama Disingenuous on Dissent - Flag Officers Could Risk Promotions if Opposed to Gays in the Military (April 22, 2008) SLDN Bashes Straw-Man on Capitol Hill - By Tommy Sears, CMR Executive Director (March 10, 2008)

    Who Will Confront the “LGBT Left?”
    - Presidential Candidates Support Extreme Agenda (February 5, 2008)

    Political Consequences of 1992 Push for Gays in the Military - Voters Rejected Bill Clinton’s “Cultural Liberalism” (January 29, 2008)

    And here is Donnelly's Op-ed piece in the Right-Wing Washington Times (conceerning the repeal of DADT):

    Add to this scenario public resistance that would hurt recruiting, potential abuse of subordinates living in close quarters, plus higher risks of HIV infection, which increase the numbers of non-deployable personnel. The result will be unprecedented disciplinary problems that detract from morale and readiness.

    We cannot afford a San Francisco military.

    In 1992, Republicans helped Mr. Clinton to win by not debating this issue — in the same way that some Republicans are avoiding the issue today. Will a presidential leader emerge who is prepared to defend the culture of the only military we have? The one who does so first could become president of the United States.

    But Donnelly didn't fare so well in her debate with Congress:

    By ERICA WERNER, Associated Press Writer Wed Jul 23, 9:40 PM ET

    Among the most arresting debates Wednesday came when Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-Pa., a first-term congressman and the only Iraq war veteran in Congress, accused a witness of implying that U.S. service members weren't professional enough to handle serving with homosexuals.

    "You're saying you don't trust our military professionals to serve openly with people who might be different," Murphy said angrily to Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, a nonprofit that says it promotes certain military personnel policies.

    "I think that's an insult," Murphy said.

    Donnelly contended that if the law were repealed the number of HIV-positive service members would probably increase.

    Rep. Vic Snyder, D-Ark., a Vietnam veteran and medical doctor, called that comment "so inappropriate" and suggested that Donnelly advocate for the military to recruit only lesbians, who he said have a low incidence of HIV.

    Let's see... unleashed promiscuity, more HIV infection, "military culture," morals/morale, wicked feminists - what/who does Ms. Donnelly sound like to you? mmmm.... maybe Rod Parsley? Just a thought.

    God's Warrior -The Archangel Michael

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