Saturday, April 19, 2008

Borgias and Nazis and Queers PART II

The Hypocrisy of a Pope Behind Kind Words

In the post below, I said that Pope Benedict XVI would never be seen shedding tears at Jerusalem's Wailing Wall. However, today he was seen visiting a synagogue in New York and well as addressing a group of Christian evangelical leaders:

The Jewish community makes "a valuable contribution to the life of the city," Benedict said. "And I encourage all of you to continue building bridges of friendship with all the many different ethnic and religious groups present in your neighborhood." ("a valuable contribution" - just not the right contribution)

At his visit with Christian leaders, the pontiff said allowing individual congregations to interpret the Gospel undermines evangelism at a time when "the world is losing its bearings" and needs "persuasive common witness" to salvation in Christ. (i.e. you cannot interpret the Bible - only church theologians and hierarchy. THEY will interpret it for you - THEY will tell you what to think!)

"Only by holding fast to sound teaching will we be able to respond to the challenges that confront us in an evolving world," Benedict said at the evening service with Protestant and Orthodox clergy at St. Joseph's church, which was founded by German immigrants and still regularly celebrates Mass in German. (And who determines sound teaching?)

"Only in this way will we give unambiguous testimony to the truth of the Gospel and its moral teaching. This is the method which the world is waiting to hear from us." (What? "the method" - should clergy study Stanislavski?) ("unambiguous testimony" - sounds dangerously like a fundamentalist - for a noted theologian, he's not very bright on this score.)

I wonder if Pastor John Hagee will call him a whore if he meets him.

And I still don't see him shedding any tears for anyone.

In the Roman Jewish Ghetto

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