Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter! Barack Obama's in St. Thomas & Michelle Malkin is Barbequing at Manzanar

... or at Mel Gibson's new "church"

While on the net for some research on the Japanese Internment Camps, I happened upon the site/blog of the nation’s official Japanese Internment Supporter, Michelle Malkin. She, like Ann Coultergeist, is a professional hater. She unequivocally adheres to racial profiling. She is the darling of Obama-bashers. So, this was the heading of her Mar. 22 post:
Where Will Obama Be For Easter?

There then followed an article that implied Obama was physically distancing himself from Rev. Jeremiah Wright, by planning to spend 3-4 days with his family in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

“Wonder if there are any black liberation theologians holding services on the islands this weekend?"

And since M is an equal opportunity professional hater, she hates everyone in the City of San Francisco:

“Maybe he can make a little room on his plane for those San Francisco America-haters. They need one-way tickets.” This was accompanied by an African-American woman holding a sign that said “Wright is Right!”

More SF bashing:

[On San Francisco’s stance opposing military recruitment] “Good job to the Navy, I say Go Navy Go. Don't stop and, ahh, I think that this should really be the first step in sending a strong message to San Francisco—that if you are going to dishonor the military—the military will not grace your hate filled city with its presence." (The O’Reilly Factor, Dec. 7, 2006)

Ms. M (definitely NOT the “Divine” one) is probably the only person to imply that that Sen. John Kerry’s Viet Nam wounds were self-inflicted:

Another guest on the program (O’Reilly Factor), former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, noted the absurdity of questioning Kerry's service. "He volunteered twice in Vietnam. He literally got shot. There's no question about any of those things. So what else is there to discuss? How much he got shot, how deep, how much shrapnel?"

"Well, yes," Malkin replied. Her inflection implied that this was not so much a "Well, yes," as a "Well, DUH!" She continued. "Why don't people ask him more specific questions about the shrapnel in his leg? There are legitimate questions about whether or not it was a self-inflicted wound."

Malkin’s idea of a great Easter might be a barbeque at Manzanar, the most infamous of the Japanese internment camps.

So where is the illustrious Malkin spending Easter? As a Catholic, is she a sedevacanist?* Is she spending Easter with Mel Gibson at his Malibu church? Will she get to see altar boys suffering through recitations in Latin they don’t understand?

M loves to see people suffer.

Some people have all the fun.

*Against the spirit of Vatican II, sedevacantists do not believe in the validity of succeeding popes and practice the Latin mass only. So, M might go so far as to hate Pope Ratzinger.

Below are some photos in memory of Manzanar and evidence that San Francisco has something that Malkin seems to lack: heart.

From top left: A Japanese family prepares to enter Manzanar, site of the old morgue, a memorial garland made up of hundreds of paper origami cranes festooning a fence, the gravesite of Sgt. Leonard Matlovich (who successfully sued the US Army for his discharge) and three of the dozens of "hearts" left in San Francisco.


jake said...

anonymous how come you don't have a spine? make a google profile with an identifying name and include your email address so we can talk to you about issues and stop cowering behind 'anonymous' and sniping from there. you are spineless and cowardly.

DFV said...

Altough you can't read of ANONYOUS' last comments (I've deleted them), I can at least tell you that his comments have a typical racist bent to them. He has, several times, told me to go back to tutoring to black kids who will someday wind up shooting me. Today's "brainwashing" comment is rather ironic, don't you think?

Anyway, thanks for reading my blog.
Whether or not you agree with my ideas, please come again. - Dan Vojir

Adrian said...

Dave Neiwart had a couple posts a while ago exposing the awfulness of Malkin's book that defended the internment camps. He blogs a lot on racism: