Monday, February 25, 2008

Why Can't Ann Coulter Be More Like Lauren Bacall?

(They are the same age, aren't they?)

This blog post is going to be a two-parter

Part I:

February 27 celebrates the 86th year of women's suffrage in America
It also celebrates the birthday of one of the most indomitable women of our time: Elizabeth Taylor (O.K., she's a little bit older than Coultergeist, but in comparison, she's ageless, whereas Coulter...)

So, it's fitting that we celebrate Great American Women by featuring some Great American Film Actresses.

As a parting note on Ann Coulter, she has stated numerous times that women should never have gotten the vote. Those statements along with the one about Joe McCarthy being a great American Patriot rank among the most anti-American in history:

"Everything you think you know about McCarthy is a hegemonic lie. Liberals denounced McCarthy because they were afraid of getting caught, so they fought back like animals to hide their own collaboration with a regime as evil as the Nazis."

One actress who managed to go toe-to-toe with McCarthy (and, by extension, Ann Coulter) was Lauren Bacall. Once, Larry King asked about her politics:

Bacall: "I'm a total Democrat. I'm anti-Republican. And it's only fair that you know it."

King: "Wait a minute. Are you a liberal?"

Bacall: "I'm a liberal. The L word!"

This video is one of the most amazing pieces of photo editing I have ever encountered! It's
by Philip Scott Johnson and has garnered over 2 million fans! Yes, you may have seen it before, but I know you won't mind seeing it again, even for the umpteenth time!

The complete list of these actresses will be posted tomorrow. Try to name them all - in order - and no cheating!

I hope you don't mind me ending this gushing post with a bit more gushing about my own star: my mother. She was fearless, pro-family and pro-choice. The only televangelist she ever knew was Bishop Fulton J. Sheeen. She respected him a lot, but never paid heed to his requests for donations ("He gets paid pretty well with the way he lives!") Her birthday was Feb. 17th and if she had lived, she would have been 92. Happy belated birthday, mom!

Evelyn Mrazek Vojir

Feb. 17, 1916 - Jan. 21, 1989

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