Friday, February 8, 2008

Vote Bill the Cat for President! (A Vote for Bill is a Vote Against that B***ch Hillary!)

Hating Hillary: The Typical CINO Knee-Jerk Response

I googled "I Hate Barack Obama" I came up with about 25 sites.

I googled "I Hate John McCain," and came up with 32 sites.

I (naturally) googled "I hate Huckabee." 46 sites.

I googled "I Hate Hillary."

Over 400! Even T-shirts and bumper stickers are beginning to pick up on the sentiment. That's an awful lot of hate. Read the rather ill-placed logic of one conservative commentator:

"Liberals are picking up on this Hillary talk and trying to create an anti-hillary sentiment like the anti-bush crowd was blasted for. It won't work. We are anti-hillary but it's mostly for the reasons listed below. She is hated mostly because she personifies liberalism. Yes it's her policies. It's her name. It's her stupid smirks and her pride. Her carpetbagger ways and her socialist tendencies. Oh and also her husband. It's the families insistence that they are always right, even when they are wrong. (reminds me of a quote from Scarface,"I always tell the truth, even when I lie.") Too bad for democrats they elected the wrong clinton to the white house because I don't think this country can take two of them."

Hating Hillary vs. Bush Bashing:

Most Bush bashing was done in the form of jokes because, let's face it folks, he gave us a LOT of material to joke about! Comedians should honor the President with a gold medal - he kept so many of them in business. His faked "local down-home" image and his cluelessness made for some of the most hilarious moments in the history of the Presidency. Hell, for at least six years, I thought he was Dan Quayle in disquise! People actually hosted "Bush bashing" parties.

Hillary hating, however, takes on an entirely different tone. Certainly no one would host a party joking about how stupid Hillary Rodham Clinton is. She has been called crafty and even sinister, but the current criticisms imply that she is indeed inteligent.

If we look deep into all the "I Hate Hillary" statements and blogs, I think we might just find some that are pretty flimsy in motivation. These are people who NEED to hate someone. And unless you got to this blog by mistake, we all know who those people are: anti-Hillary rants will come from pulpits and bake sales, closed-minded school board meetings and people who are truly ecumenical in their hate: i.e. Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coultergeist.

The I Hate Hillary League has sprung up much like the detrators of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code - too fast, too shallow and too rabid. If Berk Breathed's cartoon character, Bill the Cat won the Republican nomination, CINOs would say "As long as it's not Hillary, because I hate Hillary!!"

A reasonable rationale, on the other hand, was never a strongpoint for some Christianists.


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Larry Gambone said...

These right wing Hilary-haters are nuts. They make her out as some kind of radical socialist, but here in Canada she would be seen as a conservative!

DFV said...

Hillary has gone "middle of the road" to some, but the CHRISTIAN rIGHT WILL NEVER LET HER WIN IF THEY CAN HELP IT. They will never let a mere woman be president.