Saturday, February 23, 2008

Funny, It Doesn't Taste Like Ken Copeland!

What Has Been the World's Greatest Source of Spam?

If you take into account all of the propaganda created by religion in the forms of tracts and apologetics, not to mention requests for donations and fliers for the choir's bake sale, the Bible is history's greatest source of spam. When the great tsumani hit Indonesia and India, Jerry Falwell had 600,000 Christian tracts printed up to accompany the care packages - to Muslims and Hindus. Now THAT'S spamming - and, insulting. But come to think of it, isn't ALL spam insulting? Doesn't spamming assume that you're deficient in some way? That you're gullible? That you're too lazy to find out things by yourself? That the spammer knows something you don't? The Bible thumper on the street assumes that everyone who passes by is a sinner because, well, he's a sinner. He's spamming you without your consent. He's creating noise that does nothing but overload your senses.

The average cable television viewer sorts through channels and programs like so much junk mail. Only some of them are looking for Pat Robertson's 700 Club. Proselytizing has become a mind-numbing assault - an assault on the senses and (as Al Gore would put it) an assault on reason. Television "spam guards" would sell like hotcakes. Sure, your fingers on the remote
act as a kind of censorship but you can't actually erase that televangelist. Even while watching "The Discovery Channel, you KNOW he's there waiting for you to tell you how much you need God - and him. And just what he really thinks of you, well, you just don't want to know. These people are all filled with "The Holy Spirit" and to a televangelist you're just another one of them (with money to donate of course):

WARNING: watching this video may not make you lose faith in God, but it might make you lose faith in the sanity of mankind.


goprairie said...

some guy at debunking christianity posted a deal about the church first telliing us we are sinners then offering a solution for it. great marketting. just like feminine hygiene products. that original sin thing is what put me off the whole thing, as I could not tell my sunday school kids they were inherently bad and that was the beginning of the end of me beleiving any of it.

Anonymous said...


Look at it this way: good 'ole St. Augustine practically INVENTED original sin because he was the first to market it and the first to say that it was transmitted from generation to generation through procreation. Auggie had an Eudipal complex the size of Alaska and felt so guilty that he just KNEW everyone must feel that way. So, he created man's ULTIMATE guilt complex. There is not one mention of "Original Sin" in the Bible.

While Augustine genuinely loved people, he didn't realize that he was condemning everyone to a life of disgust and self-loathing.