Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What Do We REALLY Know About Dick Cheney and Mahatma Ghandi?

One of the things we know for sure:
Dick Cheney did NOT assassinate Ghandi.

...if he had owned a gun and was in India at the time he was 7 years-old. Think hard: impossible, or merely improbable? Today marks the 60th ANNIVERSARY OF GHANDI'S ASSASSINATION - January 30 - and is also Dick Cheney's birthday.
Come to think of it, there were a lot of terrible things that happened on January 30th:

1. King Charles I was beheaded and Oliver Cromwell came to power in England
2. Andrew Jackson survived the first attempt to assisinate a U.S. President
3. Vietnam's TET offensive was launched
4. The Beatles made their last public appearance together
5. Ireland's "Bloody Sunday" occurred

...and 6. Hitler became Chancellor of Germany

O.K., lots of terrible things throughout history have happened on someone's birthdate (example: on mine - June 15th - "Hee Haw" premiered!). But when you think of Dick Cheney and these events, somehow, the word "coincidence" doesn't immediately spring to mind. The word "fitting" seems oddly closer to reality... and that's scary.

What kind of birthday present would YOU give Dick Cheney? What kind of present do you think he WANTS?

In any case, Happy Birthday, Dick!

Love, Mahatma

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goprairie said...

Didn't Dick shoot his buddy while hunting in South Dakota? Wasn't there some SD tie in? I am in SD now at my mom's condo, spending days at the nursing home trying to motivate my mom back home. Very funny!